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Server On Rent in Delhi NCR

We provide best servers on rent in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida at best price. We help you to choose servers which suits your business needs. Our inventory is stocked with the highest quality Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant, IBM System x and Oracle Sun x86 Servers.

Server Rental Service in Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad

We make serving renting easy for customers by renting high-end servers, Rack Server , 1U 2U, 4U Servers ,High-end Server Rental Pune, EMC, Dell and NetApp Storage server on Rental in Delhi NCR, Managed ISP Caching, Appliance Hosting Server rental Pune from us rather than investing on buying regularly. We deal with top manufacturers like IBM, HP, and DELL to make their servers 24×7 at work for some revenue that could be so useful for our customers in terms of cost to startup projects in Delhi NCR.

We rent entire HP Servers like HP DL-380-G7 on Rental, HP DL-380-G6 on Rental, HP ML-350-G6 on Rental, HP ML-350-G5 on Rental, HP DL-180-G5 on Rental, HP DL-580-G4 on Rental, HP DL-580-G3 on Rental, HP DL-580-G2 on Rental, HP RX-2620 on Rental, and all HP spare parts like memory, hardisk, monitor, rental service.

We rent an entire IBM xSeries intel xeon windows servers like IBM X3200 on Rental, IBM X3400 on Rental, IBM X3455 on Rental, , IBM X3650 on Rental, IBM X3950 on Rental, SAN, NAS Storages, and all IBM servers spare parts like memory, hardisk, monitor, rental service.

We rent an entire Dell Power Edge Intel Xeon windows servers like Dell PowerEdge1850 on Rental, Dell PowerEdge2950 on Rental, Dell PowerEdge1950 on Rental and all DELL spare parts like memory, hardisk, monitor rental service.

We rent an entire SUN Servers like SUN Fire V210 on Rental, SUN Fire V240 on Rental, SUN Fire V440 on Rental, SUN Fire V480 on Rental, SUN Fire V490 on Rental, SUN Ultra 10 on Rental, SUN Ultra 45 on Rental, SUN Blade 100 on Rental, SUN Blade 150 on Rental, SUN Fire T2000 on Rental, SUN Fire X4100 M2 on Rental, SUN Enterprise T5120 on Rental, SUN Enterprise T5220 on Rental, SUN Enterprise M4000 on Rental, SUN Enterprise M5000 on Rental and all SUN spare parts like memory, hardisk, monitor on rent.

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